Vocabulary test-VIII
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Vocabulary test-VIII - Expressions with LOOK

These vocabulary tests are intended to help people taking TOEFL, IELTS and GRE exams. The TOEFL and IELTS vocabulary is relatively easy compared to that of GRE. People are advised to refer a good english dictionary for a clear explanation of all the words used here and also a thesaurus to find more synonyms and antonyms.

This test is based on various expressions used with the word LOOK. Read the sentence and select the nearest answer to the expression highlighted in red color.

1.  I Looked over your source code last night and I need you to explain me some bits of it.
 Skip over
 Examine quickly
 Examine thoroughly
2.  The FBI are Looking into the 9/11 attacks case
 Wait for
3.  I'm Looking forward to starting work at Infocorp.
 Expect with tension
 Expect with pleasure
 Waitng anxiously
4.   He always Looked up to his elder brother
 Fight with
 Wait for
5.  Look before you leap
 Look around before you jump
 Listen carefully before you jump
 Survey the area before jumping
 Think before you act boldly
6.  They looked him up and down before letting him into the room.
 Jeer at
 show contempt by derision
 Inspect closely in order to judge
7.  Could you please help me Look for my memory key, please?
 Help with memory
 Try to find
 Be vigilant
8.  Please Look their address up in streetmap.co.uk
 Upload information
 Download information
 Find/search information
 View information
9.  I Look back on my days at Medical school with great pleasure
 Go back
10.  Sara is very good in Looking after her baby
 Take care of




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