Microsoft Word VBA
'Code by Mahipal Padigela
'Open Microsoft Word,then goto Visual Basic Editor(Alt+F11) and Insert a Module
'Paste the following code into code window
'Replace the file paths where necessory to suit yours
'Close VBA Editor and run this Macro from the Word window(Alt+F8)

'Note: Make sure you have a few Section Breaks in your document to test the code
Sub Generate()
 Dim rng As Range
 Dim strName As String
 Dim strSource As String
 Dim strFileTitle As String
 Dim i As Integer

 i = 1
 strSource = "C:\test.doc"
 strFileTitle = "test.doc"

 Application.ScreenUpdating = False

 Documents.Open strSource 'open the word document

 For i = 1 To ActiveDocument.Sections.Count

    Set rng = ActiveDocument.Sections(i).Range
    rng.Copy    'copy the paragraph
    Documents.Add  'create a new word document
    Selection.Paste 'paste into the new document
    ActiveDocument.Sentences(1).Select ' select 1st line for filename
    strName = Selection.Sentences(1).Text
    strName = Replace(strName, Chr(13), "") 'replace enter key if any
    strName = Replace(strName, Chr(9), "") 'replace tab chars if any
    strName = Replace(strName, Chr(10), "") 'replace newline chars if any
    strName = Trim(Replace(strName, ":", "")) & ".doc" 'replace any colons and trim the string
    ActiveDocument.SaveAs "C:\" & strName   'save the new document
    ActiveDocument.Close                    'close the document
    Windows(strFileTitle).Activate          'switch to the main document window
 Next i

 Application.ScreenUpdating = True
 Set rng = Nothing
End Sub

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